Remove Watch Links Yourself - Guide to resize watch bands

Remove Watch Links Yourself - Guide to resize watch bands
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How to Remove Watch Links Yourself - Guide to resize watch bands

At some point or other, everybody needs to resize the watch bands in their favorite watches. Resizing this type of watch band looks complicated at first sight, but itís fairly easy to do indeed. You donít have to rush to a jeweler and spend money on it every time you need to do that. You can easily do it yourself, with little patience and practice. The following methods described ways to and steps to  remove watch links from majority of the watches. Click on a watch link type to know more about how to resize them

 Tools Needed:
Citizen Sizing Tool
In order to remove snap type watch band you need Citizen sizing tool, the following steps describe as how to resize such watch bands.

STEP 1 Use the sizing tool and gently start removing the link pine in the direction of the arrow.

STEP 2 Now in order to disengage the watchband mechanism, hold the band on either side of the link from which you just removed the pin. Now apply gentle pressure upwards on side nearest the case and on the same time apply gentle pressure downwards on the clasp side of the band. 
STEP 3 While continually applying the gentle pressure as stated in STEP 2 gently shack the watch band to completely release the watchband mechanism.
STEP 4 Once you have released the mechanism, move the clasp side of the band towards the case to start dissembling the links.

STEP 5 Slowly and smoothly pull the links apart, to take it out completely. If you need to remove more links, then repeat the procedure for as many links as you want to remove.
Repeat the procedure for as many links as need removing. 
Once you done with removing the links, start reassembling. Reassembly is opposite of disassembly.


 Tools Needed:
Tweezers or Pliers
In order to remove Leaf spring coupled type watchband you need either tweezers or pliers, the following steps describe as how to resize such watch bands.

You will need a pair of tweezers to push out the leaf spring of the link. Pull the leaf spring the direction of the arrow.
STEP 2 Alternatively you can also remove the leaf spring with the help of a pair of pliers. 
STEP 3 Don't get stressed if you see any different type of leaf spring in your watch band apart from the once shown above. There are some other types of leaf springs also used in leaf spring coupled type watchband, as you can see on the top of  the picture on the left.
Now all you have to do it, just disconnect the link from its adjoining link and you are done..


 Tools Needed:
1-mm Screwdriver or Tweezers
Single Screw Link Type watchbands probably are the most difficult and tricky to resize. Hence we are including separate set of instructions for dissembly and assembly of such watchbands. Follow the   steps describe below. 
 Single Screw Type Disassembly Process

STEP 1 Flip the watch and make it lay on it's side. Firmly hold the watchband in the area from where you wish to remove the link. Now grab a 1 mm screwdriver and insert it's tip into the slot on the screw head. Turn the screwdriver counter clockwise while applying gentle downward pressure, this will loosen the screw. Continue to move the screw driver in that motion until screw is completely free from turing.

STEP 2 Now use a pair of tweezers to hold the end of the screw, gently pull it out. Once screw is completely out, please keep it at a safe place.
STEP 3 After the screw has been removed, the link from which the screw was removed will come apart. 
    You can repeat this procedure for as many links you want to remove from your watchband.

Single Screw Type Assembly Process

STEP 1 In order to reassemble you will have to follow the reverse process of disassembly . Reassembly is just reverse of disassembly. In order to start assembling, you will have to assemble the link, and flip the bracelet on its side as show in the picture on the left. After that insert the screw into the link either by using a pair of tweezers or with your fingers. The screw should go into one side of link.
STEP 2 Once screw is inside the link, keep tightly holding the watchband from it's side, grab a 1 mm screwdriver and place it's top into the screw head and start rotating the screwdriver clockwise while applying downwards pressure. Keep tightening the screw until you feel that screw has stopped rotating and it's just below the edge of the bracelet. Please be cautious while you doing this, if you keep on applying more pressure you may either damage the screw or link, or even the screwdriver may slide and cause scratches on the watchband.
STEP 3 Once that has been done, just make sure the screw is tight enough as it should be by giving one final twist to the screw driver. Be cautious and careful as not to put too much of pressure otherwise it could damage the link, bracelet or the screw itself.


 Tools Needed:
Staking stand, Eyeleteer, Hammer or Pliers
 To resize Pin Type I watchbands are simpler then they appear. Please follow the steps below in order to properly resize the Pin Type I watchbands.

STEP 1 Use a staking stand and set the watchband on it properly. If you don't have staking stand with you, you can also use any appropriate holder to do this job.

STEP 2 Now once you have placed the watchband on a proper support, take help of an an eyeleteer to push out the connecting pin in the watchband towards the arrow (downwards, as shown in the picture). If you feel that pin is too tight and not coming out with gentle pressure you can take help of a little hammer to gently, smoothly, tap out the pin.
STEP 3  Hold the connecting pin with the help of  pliers, and pull it out gently.
STEP 4 Once you have pulled out the pin, you will see that the link is disconnected from the neighboring link.


 Tools Needed:
Citizen Blue Pin Pusher Link Joint Remover II or Tweezers

Bracelet type watchbands is probably the most difficult type of watchband, and resizing the bracelet needs proper understanding of the mechanism. You should know various parts of the bracelet mechanism before you can actually start resizing the watchband yourself. Following table describes the various components of bracelet type watch band.


1. Split Pipe : These are two different pieces of very small pipe, one at each end of the pin. When you resize the bracelet, one split pipe will remain attached to the pin. .
2. Cylinder Link : These are also two different individual pieces, they are found at each side of the bracelet link.
3. Link Pin :  This is the connector link. The link pin connects three different components together which are link, cylinders and split pipes. 

 Now, once you known the different components inside your bracelet and have understood what is the function of each of them, it's time to learn how to resize bracelet type watchbands. Please follow the steps below in order to learn how to resize bracelet type watchbands. 

Make a note of the embossed arrow on the backside of the bracelet, this arrow shows the direction in which the link pin should be pushed. You will need watch resizing tool before you can start this procedure. Put the bracelet in the cradle of the watch resizing toll as shown in the picture on the left.  Now as shown in the picture align the pin of the pusher with the pin of the link, be careful to center it. Once you hace placed it properly in the center, apply light pressure until you feel the pin begins to move. After this as shown the picture on the left turn the  fixture upright. This light pressure will help and keep the the pin pusher in alignment with the link pin while the tool is being turned upright.
STEP 2 With the fixture standing in the upright position, apply even pressure to the pin pusher until the pin drops out.
STEP 3 Using the tweezers, set the pin/split pipe assembly and cylinder aside. If the cylinder comes off of the pin, reassemble the cylinder and pin. The split pipe for the link pin at this outside end is still on the pin and dose not need to be removed. To reassemble pin and cylinder, insert pin into the hole of the cylinder so that the split pipe rests in the recess of the cylinder. Set aside for use during reassembly of the bracelet.


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DISCLAIMER: This set of instructions provided here are for information purpose only, and we take no responsibility for accuracy of information or content on this page. You should resize your watchband on your own risk. Before following this instructions blindly you should examine the risk and other factors before starting to resize your watchband. If you are not sure how you can resize your watchband, visit a near by jeweler.


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